User properties (sometimes called 'Traits') are properties that we attach to your customers. These properties can come from:
Segment: first name, company name o anything that you send as 'traits' when you identify a user.
Stripe: a user's active subscription, a user's LTV, and many more.
Webhooks: first name and last name are supported.

To be able to display user properties in your funnels you will need to do some setup depending on the sources you are using.

Using user props from Segment

If you are a Segment user, the way you can send user properties is through the 'Identify' event. Here's a link on how to implement this from your app's or website's code.

Using user props from Stripe

If you are a Stripe user and already connected Stripe from the integration's section you don't need to do anything else. We will populate your customer's with Stripe's customer's data for you.

Using user props from Webhooks

For webhooks we only support receiving a first name and last name for your customers. Here's a link explaining how you can implement this when connecting webhooks.
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