The Segment integration allows non-technical and technical users to connect their apps and websites to Palabra. With Segment you'll be able to track every event a user does on your app/website (for example when they click on a button or item) and then you'll then be able to trigger emails and sequences when these events happen.

1. Connecting your Segment account to Palabra

Let's start by creating a new trigger and adding Segment as an integration. To create a new trigger click on the plus sign on the left sidebar next to 'Triggers'

In your new trigger go to 'Add condition' under the 'When' column. From the catalog, pick the Segment event that's called 'A user event came from Segment'.

Back to the board, click the Segment card you just added. It should look something like this:

Click the 'Connect' button and follow the instructions to add the Palabra destination to your Segment account. After you are done click on 'Save connection'.

2. Identifying your first user

Now that the connection between Segment and Palabra is done you'll need to select which user event you want to use to trigger your sequence.

To do that, the first thing you'll need to do is to trigger an Identify event from Segment. This type of event allow us to receive a user's email address so we can use it later for emailing them.

To trigger an Identify event you'll usually sign up or log in a user to your platform, but this might be different depending on your app. If you are in doubt please reach out to our support and we'll help you figure this out.

3. Getting your first user event

After you triggered your Identify event we are ready to receive events. Follow these steps to complete your connection:

  1. Go to your website or app and click on the button or item that you want to use to trigger the emails.
  2. Go back to Palabra and from the 'Event:' dropdown pick the name of this event you just triggered.

After you picked that event you are done! Now every time a user triggers this same event on your app/website we'll trigger your sequence of emails.

4. Activating your trigger

To start sending out your emails, the final step is to activate your trigger. Move the button on the top right corner of the screen from 'Off' to 'On' to get that done. That's it!

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